Complementary consultation

In order to connect with your Stylist and ensure that your specific criteria are being met- either with the package you are booking or with a custom package tailored to meet your fashion needs, your initial consultation is free of charge! This is a great opportunity to meet your Stylist and develop those first ties of trust and comfortability so that you know she will be moving forward exactly as you are needing. In this session your FashionStyleLust will have a questionnaire to fill out (with whatever help you need) so she can really understand your current style and fashion goals and you can move forward together with a united vision.

Personal Styling and Personal Shopping

Learn where to save, where to splurge, and where to find it. Whether you need an outfit for a certain event, a fresh start for a new season, or a capsule closet, your Stylist will show you the difference between classic and trend items with your body type, needs, and personality in mind. The luxury experience of having FashionStyleLust help you navigate through the mall, racks, and fitting room with an unbiased opinion is invaluable and will leave you with your own skill set you can implement for future shopping. Or chose the option to stay at home or work and send your Stylist out with your clothing, shoe and acsessory list and budget so you can continue with your day; simply try and buy the selected merchandise from the comfort of your own home letting your Stylist deal with the rest, including returns. This is a lifesaver if you are the type of person that cringes at the thought of battling the mall crowds in your limited free time.  Don't worry, you will be given a quote with your budget in mind before your Stylist heads out shopping so there are no unexpected costs.

Starting price $140 for two hours

Closet Edits

A Closet Edit is a deep dive into the depths of your closet. Do you often feel lost or overwhelmed when looking through your clothes to get ready to go? It's a big job on your own, and one that never seems to gets done, but FashionStyleLust is definitely ready to take on that challenge!  Your stylist will go through each item with you, have you try it on, and help you decide whether to keep, donate, or tailor it, leaving you with a closet only filled with the things that look amazing on you and make you feel amazing; every single thing FashionStyleLust approved! From there your Stylist will organize your closet so you can easily find everything. Together you will go over the gaps left in your wardrobe and you will be left feeling empowered and back in control of your closet!

$250 for approximately 4 hour edit

$300 for edit plus photos of coordinating outfits

*walk in closet extra cost

Beauty Parties

Beauty Parties are really just that: beautiful! FashionStyleLust's core values are based around Desiree's belief that the keys are all within ourselves; each and every one of us has a voice, a depth of expression, and a gorgeous intricacy to what shapes us. The body is a vessel of that, and aligning that inner and outer beauty to model who we are is a special talent, one that leaves you feeling like the truest version of you. Let FashionStyleLust take the stage with her own story of transformation, a story of loving your body at every stage but never being afraid to grow. From there Desiree will be offering up a body type analysis for each guest, and with your new knowledge (you may be surprised!) she will talk to you about dressing for your specific body type; then you can really rock your shape! Your stylist will also bring in some outfits from local stores or boutiques to give you examples of great trends currently circulating and how to wear them. There will also be examples of staple items, things we truly believe your closet can't do without!

You just provide the nibbles and sips for your guests if you're inclined and FashionStyleLust will provide the style!

$150 for approximately 2 hours

Night Out Shopping Party

Get together with a few of your friends for a luxury shopping experience. With what FashionStyleLust has learned from you, your Stylist will pre-pull clothing according to sizes, styles, and price ranges at a couple preselected stores you agree on, or a local boutique, and from there you can experience the fun of a personal shopper: bringing you sizes and giving the FashionStyleLust stamp of approval before you decide to purchase. This is a great way to have a night out with your friends while learning some tools for shopping and upping your confidence!

$200 for you and up to 5 friends for two hours.

$30 per additional person

Editorial and Media

FashionStyleLust not only loves the fast paced world of the editorial behind-the-scenes, but excels at visualizing the clients direction. Your stylist will follow through with sourcing and prepping all the key ingredients to style whatever look you are going for, and has a keen on-set eye to adjust issues that may affect that perfect end result. Desiree is professional, very well prepared, confident, and easy to work with.

Please contact us for a personalized quote accordingly to the job details- keeping budget friendly.

Wardrobe Assistant 

This service is for film or fashion shows, or any other help you need. FashionStyleLust will work up an individual quote at an assistants rate according to your production budget.

Shop Another City

Sometimes your geographic location leaves you wanting more, or not being able to get those great finds that you see in other peoples photos. Desiree from FashionStyleLust is a travel enthusiast and makes a few trips each year, some solely in the name of Fashion! With the ability to take on a few clients per trip, book Desiree to shop your list from the city that she is in. Brand Name, Boutique, Accessories, New Season Shop, Footwear, Activewear, Casual, Business - the options are endless. All you have to do is send Desiree a detailed list as well as your sizing and measurements!

$75 per person- 50% payment required at the time of booking

Custom prices for Overseas shopping when available

Contact FashionStyleLust with any questions and for booking!

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