With a "passion for fashion",  Desiree Boa of FashionStyleLust loves to not only create beauty, but she loves that style is such an individual form of expression. Desiree feels like fashion is the outward expression of the inner beautiful self (at any age and size!) and once aligned the world takes notice: "I love to be beautiful and I love everyone around me feeling beautiful- like they are seen as the intricate and amazing people they are: inside and out. I believe I started this journey to create strong ties of empowerment because we all deserve to feel like the best versions of ourselves."

When you meet Desiree, you will instantly feel at ease; she is great at connecting with people and her bubbly personality and 'joie de vivre' will draw you in. Considering personal styling is such a well, personal job, Desiree feels strongly that finding a Stylist that you can build a relationship with is very important. Desiree loves the challenge of understanding a clients vision and exceeding their expectations, whether that be in the clients closet or on a fast paced photoshoot. Her penchant for fashion and obsession with jewelry encompasses a wide variety: from the intricacy of haute couture, to the thrill of those great cheap finds, to the joy of supporting local designers and boutiques. After graduating with Distinction as a Fashion Stylist, and having the opportunity to work with many different clients on shoots as well as personal styling, you will be impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.